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Roses,  23 von Mai

Indocean 1h45m 135,00€ More Information

Sweet and savoury body scrub, milk bath, Indocean massage and Sublime cream wrap.

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Polynesia 1h45m 135,00€ More Information

Body scrub with sand, salt, coconut and vanilla essence. Bath with relaxing essential oils and massage with Mahana oil and deep and gentle massage with cloth bags filled with warm sand of Bora Bora's beaches for a total relaxation of body and mind.

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Mer&Sens 1h45m 120,00€ More Information

Body exfoliation + seaweed wrap + relaxing massage 25' with essential citrus oils

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Special Spacesens 1h15m 85,00€ More Information

Customized facial treatment followed by
relaxing 25' massage.

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Chocospa 1h15m 135,00€ More Information

Milk bath, chocolate wrap +
relaxing 25' massage + mini facial with
chocolate and orange.

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Gerunda Fuga 1h30m 120,00€ More Information

Gerunda Fuga will take you on an ancestral passage through the myths, legends and traditions of a Girona steeped in the traditional wisdom tucked in the corners of our land and fragments of our noble past.

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Gerunda Fuga

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