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Roses,  April 27, 2015

Foot reflexology 20m 40,00€ More Information

To balance the functioning of the organism by using a technique based on the stimulation of certain points on the feet, representing each of the different body organs.

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Cervicocranial 20m 40,00€ More Information

Relaxing massage applied to the upper body with decontracting effects.

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Shiatsu 60m 80,00€ More Information

Japanese technique that works the circulation of the energy of the meridians in order to balance the body and mind.

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Hot Stones 60m 80,00€ More Information

Volcanic stones massage technique that brings positive energy to the body. It provides a relaxing effect.

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Lymphatic drainage 60m 80,00€ More Information

Massage that stimulates the lymphatic system through specific movements and pressures to purify the body. Ideal for the removal of toxins.

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Relaxing massage 25min 25m 45,00€ More Information

Massage that is performed at slow or moderate pace manipulating the surface layer of the body for total relaxation on the back and back of legs.

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Chiromassage 25min 25m 50,00€ More Information

Strong and dynamic massage to eliminate contractures, relieve stress and reduce pain in the back and back of legs.

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Relaxing massage 40min 40m 60,00€ More Information

Complete body massage, done in a slow or moderate pace, manipulating the superficial layer of the skin for an absolute relaxation.

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Chiromassage 40min 40m 70,00€ More Information

Strong and dynamic massage all over the body to eliminate contractures, relieve stress and reduce pain.

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Whirlpool tub 20m 25,00€ More Information

Therapy to relax the muscles through the water pressure in the different parts of the body.

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Duo relaxing massage 40min 40m 120,00€ More Information

Relaxing 40`massage inside our new duo cabin.

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Jet shower 10m 30,00€ More Information

Waterjet pressure applied by the therapist on different parts of the body to reduce muscle tension, boost circulation and reduce cellulite. Ideal before any type of massage.

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