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Roses,  February 11, 2016
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The history of the restaurant “La Cuina d'en Norat” started in 1935 when the grandfather Honorat set up the Hotel Terraza. From the very beginning he focused on the gastronomic offer the reason why he built a fishing pond to store natural and fresh products which he used for producing his dishes.

From that moment, the Gotanegra family, with its gastronomy and hotel management, offers modern and comfortable facilities, cordial and personal treatment by its professional personnel and a high quality of Mediterranean specialities elaborated with regional products to evoke an unforgettable and extraordinary meal or celebration.

The cuisine of La Cuina d'en Norat takes part in the great gastronomic environment of Roses. In the last years, the chef Ferran Adrià has become the most influential chef of the world thanks to his restaurant in Roses, elBulli. Today, Adrià is already working on his next project, the Bulli Foundation, also located in Roses. The Foundation will open its doors in 2014.

The chef

Antoni, Honorat's grandson has followed the familiar tradition inheriting the knowledge and the passion for the gastronomy. He takes part of the direction of the kitchen in “La Cuina d'en Norat”.

The Chef, together with his competent professional team, produce a well cared cuisine with first quality products using the best raw materials of the region coming from the most confident local suppliers.

Our wine list

We offer you a great variety of wines; guarantee of origin wines and local wines. Also a diversity of cava and french champagnes.

The Maître, who has gained experience over the years in Hotel Terraza and his knowledge of our dishes and local products, will perfectly recommend you which type of wine, cava and champagne will be the most suitable to the flavours of our delicious and traditional gastronomy.

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