Family hotel in Roses

Bold, daring and adventurous. That was grandfather Honorat Gotanegra i Marcó, who in 1935, having travelled half the world to learn the profession of hotelier, returned to Roses full of experiences ready to open his own business: a hotel over the beach, beside the water, where his guests could contemplate the gentle to and fro of the Mediterranean waters.

His drive to improve day after day made Granddad Honorat strive to offer the best chicken with lobster, then the speciality of the house, and to surprise the guests with local products. The family atmosphere and a service that was attentive to the guests’ preferences made the Hotel Terraza an experience they would soon want to repeat.

The passion for innovation, enterprise and transgression – these were the values that were passed down from grandparents to parents and from parents to children. 

With eighty years’ experience to count on, the family continues to dedicate its efforts to the tourism sector, aiming to surpass expectations and adding refinement, innovation and commitment to the town of Roses to offer their guests a service of high quality.

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