Our treatments begin with a Kinesiology test focused on finding the natural and ecological products that will benefit you the most at any given time.


Very relaxing massage with medium pressure and traces of lavender. Perfect for reducing mental fatigue and stress.

Lenght 50 min / 80 min
Price 80€ / 100€

Druid of Empordà

Massage with firm and effective pressure, ideal for dissipating physical pain. Textures of clove, rosemary and devil's claw relieve muscle tension, providing greater flexibility and joint movement.

Lenght 25 min / 50 min
Price 55 € / 85 €

Dreamlike Surrealism

Massage with intermediate pressure, working both hemispheres of the body in unison with forearms. Sweet almond oil flavoured with peppermint and rosemary calms the mind, relieves headaches and improves the flexibility of the body.

Lenght 25 min / 50 min
Price 45 € / 80 €

Gala whisper

Massage with hot stones and essential oils of cinnamon and sweet orange.A feeling of relaxation and well-being combined with the sedative effect on the nervous system, helps to sleep, improves pain, blood circulation and reduces physical pain.

Lenght 50 min / 80 min
Price 85 € / 105 €

Legend of Geniuses

Slimming and anti-cellulite massage with light touches of fucus, birch, juniper and geranium, helps to eliminate the accumulation of localised fat and at the same time stylise the contours of the figure, achieving a more aesthetic silhouette.

Lenght 50 min
Price 80 €

Words of Love

Very relaxing 1935 massage for couples with touches of lavender and thyme.

Lenght 50 min/80 min
Price (2 persons) 155 € / 200 €

Words of love deluxe

A very relaxing 1935 couple's massage with touches of lavender and thyme in our outdoor cabin caressed by the sea.

Lenght 50 min/ 80 min
Price (2 persons) 165 € / 205€


Massage with hot sachets and personalised essential oils to eliminate toxins. Relieves the feeling of tiredness. Reduces the feeling of stiffness and heaviness in the body. Strengthens spiritual development. Relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress and anxiety.

Lenght 50 min / 80 min
Price 85 € / 105€

Booking Request

The booking will not be confirmed until you receive an email from Spa TERRAZA*

Av. de Rhode, 34 • 17480 ROSES (Costa Brava) 
Tel. Spa Terraza: +34 972 45 99 30  
Opening times: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm / 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation made more than 6 hours in advance will not incur any charge. Any cancellation made less than 6 hours in advance will incur a charge totalling 50% of the cost of the treatment booked. Failure to cancel a confirmed booking will incur a charge totalling 100% of the cost of the treatment booked.

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