Our treatments begin with a Kinesiology test focused on finding the natural and ecological products that will benefit you the most at any given time.

Surrealist Mirror New item

A four-hand synchronised massage, ideal for achieving immediate relaxation and a sub-conscious emotional connection. Recommended for profiles subjected to high levels of stress, nervousness and anxiety.

Lenght 25 min / 50 min
Price 80€ / 130€

e s s Meditation

Massages with sachets of sea salt, feathers and hot essential oils to get rid of emotional stress and help you reach Nirvana. Our flagship massage.

Lenght 80 min
Price 95 €

Mineral Ciutadella

Energy-cleansing massages using the mineral of your choice: Amethyst: Protects against negativity, provides tranquillity and promotes rest. White quartz: Increases physical, psychic and emotional energy.

Lenght 50 min
Price 75 €

Druid of Empordà

Massages for alleviating physical pain. Traditional massage using alcohol-based rosemary and clove essence, arnica montana essential oil and medicinal plant textures.

Lenght 25 min/50 min
Price 55 € /70 €

Oneiric Surrealism

Massage for balancing yin-yang. Marigold oil and muscle-stretching techniques that harmonise the body's two hemispheres.

Lenght 25 min/ 50 min
Price 50 € / 70€


Mindfulness massage. Ideal for reducing stress and mental fatigue.

Lenght 50 min/80 min
Price 75 € /90 €

Colour sleep

Relaxing massage. A reaction in the central nervous system with coloured vibrations in the oil. It has a positive influence on the mood and spiritual state.

Duration 25 min/50 min
Price 45 €/65 €

Fairy of Cap de Creus

Reductive massage. Bladderwrack, birch and juniper, undo the cellulite knots. Calendula and argan oils soften the skin. Mint reactivates blood circulation.

Duration 50 min
Price 70€

Murmur of Love

A massage for couples ideal for easing muscular pains, reducing energy charges and achieving perfect well-being. Afterwards, we invite you to enjoy a cocktail on our White Terrace.

Duration 50 min
Price 160 €

The Muse of Cadaqués

A relaxing massage for couples imbued with a touch of lavender and juniper

Duration 50 min / 80 min
Price 130 € / 180 €


This underwater massage is perfect for promoting blood circulation.

Lenght 40 min
Price 60 €

Shower Jet

Relieves pain, muscular contractions and arthritis. Ideal for fine-tuning your figure.

Lenght 15 min
Price 35 €

Whirlpool Bath

Stimulates arterial circulation and fights tiredness and nervous tension.

Lenght 20 min
Price 30 €

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Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation made more than 6 hours in advance will not incur any charge. Any cancellation made less than 6 hours in advance will incur a charge totalling 50% of the cost of the treatment booked. Failure to cancel a confirmed booking will incur a charge totalling 100% of the cost of the treatment booked.

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