It’s no coincidence that Catalan cuisine is renowned worldwide. Ferran Adrià, the Roca brothers, Nando Jubany, Carme Ruscalleda… All of these have not only become popular icons, they also belong to the global culinary elite and have written part of the history of our cuisine.


L’Empordà and Costa Brava are foodies’ paradise, as it offers fresh, natural local products, combined with a tradition and culture closely linked with cooking.


In 1935, Grandfather Honorat added his own contribution to this market cuisine. Today, through Norat Antoni Gotanegra continues to offer this tradition his grandfather began twenty years ago. Representing cuisine driven by creativity and modernisation without forgetting its Mediterranean roots. And this is exactly what you’ll find in the menu - simple dishes without too much chemistry, as they are based on traditional cooking, but with added touches of creative cuisine. Cuisine aimed at “bons viveurs” and lovers of good taste.



Please reserve with prior booking

Open from 19.30pm to 21:30pm. Reservations: +34 972 25 61 54

Saturdays and Sundays: open midday from 13:00h to 15:30h.

Av. de Rhode 34, 17480 ROSES (Costa Brava)




For a start

Blue lobster in tartar seasoned naturally with tartar sauce 32 … €

Ballfegó red tuna with broad bean salad with orange and mint 25 … €

Maresme peas stewed with sea cucumber 35 …€

Rock fish, mussel of Roses prawn and bouillabaisse 29…€

Grilled cuttlefish with Santa Pau beans 24 … €

Artichokes with poached egg, Roses shrimp and Iberian bacon 24...€ 


To continue

Grilled matured grou per with roasted red pepper and sautéed garlic and cayenne 32 … €

Fisherman's suquet with monkfish and aioli 29 … €

XXL Roses Prawn with salt 15...€ (1u)

Cap de Creus lobster
Grilled 100 gr/ 13…€ 

With dry rice 100 gr/ 14…€

Roasted sea bass with seasonal vegetables and ham consommé 35…€

Roasted sole with confit potato and roe sauce 34…€

Farm chicken with blanquette and sautéed chard 32 … €

Sirloin Wellington with foie gras and duxelle 33 … €

Sweet moment, desserts

Crêpe Suzette with vanilla ice cream (10min.) 9...€

Chocolate soufflé (10min.) 9...€

Sheep's milk flan with cream 9...€

Crispy mint chocolate bombs 9...€

Apple tartlet 9… €


Bread and appetizer service €2 - VAT included

If you have any allergies or intolerance, ask us to offer you options

Menú gastronómico Norat

We work with market cuisine and seasonal products, it may be different when you come


Blue lobster in tartar seasoned naturally with tartar sauce

Maresme peas stewed with sea cucumber

Roses Prawn with salt

Grilled cuttlefish with Santa Pau beans

Grilled matured grouper with roasted red pepper and sautéed garlic and cayenne


Sheep's milk flan with cream


65 €

+ 10€ if you want to enjoy our pairing

Water and bread included. Drinks not included.

Full table menu, adaptable to allergies and intolerance
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